Spain, the World's Best Destination for Vacation

Spain, the World’s Best Destination for Vacation

Every two years, the World Economic Forum releases reports of good and friendly world destinations to travel. This year’s report titled Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017: Paving the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

The results of this report focus on destinations that have superior quality in health, safety, infrastructure and natural beauty. A total of 136 countries will be ranked according to that quality. For the second time, Spain was chosen as the country with the best destinations in the world for vacation.

Then, what makes Spain the best country for a vacation? Quoted from Travel and Leisure, the beauty of Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona, ​​the Camino de Santiago is a number of tourist spots that make Spain the best country to visit.

The report also said Spain could be an option for people who cancel holidays to the Middle East because of security factors. In addition, Spain’s victory was also supported by an advanced and modern transportation system.

In addition to identifying the best country to travel, the report also contains the latest travel trends. According to reports, 10 percent of jobs in the tourism industry contribute to increasing world GDP by 10 percent.